Reham Khan receives notice by Murad Saeed over ‘dirty propaganda’

ISLAMABAD: Federal Communications Minister Murad Saeed has sent a legal notice to Reham Khan, the former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, demanding immediate apology for the contents published in her book more than three years ago. Reham had made use of innuendos while explaining why he was Mr Khan’s ‘blue-eyed boy’.

Murad has sought an immediate apology from Reham within a fortnight, stating that the failure to do so would result in a defamation suit worth Rs1 billion. He has stated that his distinction among the top 10 ministries has been marred by the contents published in Reham’s book.

Earlier, a discussion panel, while speaking at a private TV channel, had used Reham’s book as a reference to malign Murad, insinuating that he had been rewarded for “something else”. The TV channel was immediately taken off-air by PEMRA and a defamation case was filed by Murad against one of the speakers of the panel who was very vocal and used innuendos against the minister.

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