Reckless driving of Minibuses and Public Coaches

I SEEK to bring to your kind notice the road accidents that have become an everyday occurrence in our city due to the continuous traffic violation by public transport drivers.

Reckless driving of minibuses and public coaches is a serious issue, which takes away many innocent lives in Karachi every year. A large number of accidents are caused by people driving these buses recklessly after being drunk or dipsy due to drugs, and also by people who fail to follow traffic rules, either deliberately or otherwise.

I was a witness to one such accident a few weeks ago, where two buses indulged in racing to pick up the passenger first. While overtaking each other, one of the minibuses went on the foot path and hit the lady walking at the foot path. Although she survived the accident, she was grievously injured. Unfortunately, such episodes happen every day in various areas of Karachi.

I would like to appeal to the transport association of Karachi to look into this matter and rebuke such drivers for engaging in reckless driving and urge them to diligently follow the traffic rules. This can help save a lot of innocent lives.

Syeda Maryam Salman

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