Re-counting ordered by LHC for CM Punjab position

LAHORE: On Thursday, Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered the recounting of votes for the election in which Hamza Shehbaz had won the position of chief minister in Punjab. Justice Sadaqat Ali Khan headed the five-member bench, which approved the petitions against Hamza.

Governor Punjab has been directed to summon a session on July 1 in Punjab Assembly to recount the votes. It is pertinent to mention here that 25 votes of the defected members will not be counted.

Court added that Hamza’s decisions as CM Punjab would not be declared null & void. After the court’s verdict, Hamza called a meeting of the PML-N high command to discuss the constitutional angles of the LHC decision.

In the light of the constitution, Hamza holds no ground to be CM Punjab. He has already lost 25 votes which reduced his vote count to 172. As of now, it appears that a re-election is likely to be held for the position.

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