Rare pink diamond discovered in Angola, largest gemstone in 300 years

ANGOLA: The Lucapa Diamond Company has claimed to have found the largest gemstone to have been unearthed in 300 years. Found in Lula Alluvial diamond mine, the precious pink diamond weighs 170 carats. The diamond has been named Lulo Rose and has now become the fifth-largest diamond in Angola.

Earlier, the mining company had discovered a clear diamond of 404 carats and several diamonds of 100 carats.

Angola stands as one of the top ten diamond mines in the world. The newly discovered pink diamond will be sold through a tender at the international level. Historically, South Africa has produced the highest quality rough diamond ever.

The Cullinan diamond was found in 1905 and weighs 3,106 carats. The stone is placed in the Sovereign Scepter of the British Kingdom. The Scepter is a symbol of good governance and depicts the temporary power of the King and Queen.

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