Qavi Khan-starrer ‘I’ll Meet You There’ banned by censor board of Pakistan

American-based Pakistani movie ‘I’ll Meet You There’ has been banned by the censor board of Pakistan. The board claims the movie showcases Muslims in a negative manner. The film cast includes veteran Pakistani actor Qavi Khan in the lead role along with Faran Tahir and Nikita Tewani. It is directed by Parveen Bilal.

The movie showcases a story of a Muslim-Pakistani family, residing in Chicago. ‘I’ll Meet You There’ was nominated at Southwest Film Festival 2020 for Best Narrative Feature Film. Director Parveen Bilal, in her Insta post, said the censor board banned the movie without suggesting any changes.

She added the movie had gathered applause from the Pakistan-Muslim diaspora as it showcases post 9/11 conditions and situations during the Trump regime. Parveen called the film an attempt to showcase the positive side of Muslims, and the news of the ban came as a disappointment.

Earlier, Sarmad Khoosat’s ‘Zindagi Tamasha’ also faced a ban on ethnic grounds. Despite Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement of urging producers to launch local content, the Pakistani movies with quality content are facing issues from the censor board.

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