Barrister Gohar says PTI’s letter to IMF won’t hurt country

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader Barrister Gohar Khan has said that the letter that the PTI chief Imran Khan intends to write to the International Monetary Fund won’t neither harm the country nor put its economy in a tricky situation. He said that the letter would be shared with the public later today.

“We will never do anything that is against the interest of Pakistan […] we will play every role to improve the economy,” he said. “When the letter comes out [in the public], you will see.”

He stressed that the PTI and its workers would never engage in any activity that brings the State’s institutions into disrepute and would never damage the sovereignty of the country. Narrating Khan, Barrister Gohar said that the country was ours and so were the institutions.

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