PTI puts on a power show in Lahore, calls for protest in Islamabad

LAHORE: Imran Khan addressed a massive crowd here on Thursday in a street-power display of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf at Minar-e-Pakistan. Khan spoke about his visit to Russia and how it could have affected Pakistan, the alleged foreign conspiracy against his government and explained the Toshakhana operation during his tenure.

The former prime minister also gave a call for the Islamabad protest and reiterated the point that they were not standing against the armed forces.

Chairman PTI said that he strived for an independent foreign policy and to make decisions that would benefit Pakistan rather than appease others. Regarding the visit to Russia, Khan said that they were eyeing the oil stocks at 30 per cent less cost and wheat stock at prices 20pc low, which would have aided in reducing inflation in the country.

He said that India also faced pressure to end relations with Russia, but it declined and stood firm on the stance to continue ties for its betterment. Talking about the foreign conspiracy, Khan added when Pakistan continued friendly relations with China, a foreign conspiracy was prepared against the PTI government. He further added that people like Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq contributed to making the conspiracy a success.

He also explained the Toshakhana case. According to him, the previous government used to buy gifts by depositing only 15pc of the price, but he raised the rate to 50pc and legally purchased all presents. He further explained that money from Toshakhana was used to repair roads to ease the pressure on the national treasury.

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