President Alvi honours Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim with Excellence Award at BIZNET 2023

Jazz awarded by President Alvi.

ISLAMABAD, 31 March, 2023: The second edition of BIZNET Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Awards ceremony was recently held at the President House to honour individuals and organizations who have made significant strides towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

President Dr Arif Alvi awarded Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim with Excellence Award and applauded Jazz for its various DEI programs, particularly the women empowerment initiatives through digital platforms.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Alvi said that the country direly needed financial inclusion of women to turn 50 percent of its population into a productive workforce. He said helping women promote their business startups through information technology was the fastest route toward their empowerment.

The theme for this year’s BIZNET2023 awards was ‘Supporting Diversity, Inclusion and Pakistan Startups’ brought together representatives from all sectors. Transforming Hub and Women Business Network organized the awards in association with various other business organizations and industry leaders across the country.

The president of Pakistan commended the efforts of the organizers for developing an ambitious plan to advance the women workforce in the country. He appreciated the efforts of organisations in taking the needful steps to bring about a positive change.

BIZNET is an annual event that aims to glamorize start-ups and encourage entrepreneurship among young and aspiring business minds. It aims to support the culture of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in Pakistan, which is a critical component of the country’s economic growth and development. BIZNET recognizes successful start-ups in Pakistan as per different categories, including social impact, innovation, and growth potential.

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