PM Imran unveils public version of NSP

ISLAMABAD: The public version of the first-ever National Security Policy (NSP) of Pakistan was unveiled by Prime Minister Imran Khan here on Friday. Earlier, the federal cabinet approved the NSP after the National Security Committee passed it.

The NSP is a 110-page document set to serve for five years (2022-2026). However, an annual review will be done of the policy. A shorter version of the policy comprising 50 pages has been made public. The draft includes topics on human security, foreign policy, internal security, defence, economy, and national cohesion.

Regarding foreign policy, the document urges economic and political diplomacy along with peace in the region and avoiding bloc politics. As for the defence, the policy outlines challenges regarding cyber security, hybrid war, and issues referring to strategic deterrence and conventional power of the country.

According to Mr Khan, the policy has been framed while keeping a citizen-centric approach and has prioritised economic security. He added that the country required inclusive growth but loans from institutions like IMF applied risk to the national economy. He said that an economic security plan was missing in the country.

He also asserted that in order to flourish economically, the country needed to increase its exports.

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