How to apply online for the pm 2000rs Scheme

The minister said that the relief package was made public before the government decided to increase the price of petroleum products. It was simple for us to improve the prices on our first day as government. But Shehbaz Sharif PM 2000 Rupees Scheme, or Nawaz Sharif, insisted on giving relief packages to the people before the increase. Learn more about the 2000 relief package and how to apply online.

She said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government (PTI) used to raise the POL prices every 15 nights in the dark. Marriyum stated that the subsidy would be available to those already receiving a monthly stipend through the Benazir Income Support Program.

How to get 2000 from the Pakistan government _

Follow the instructions and send the CNIC Number (ID card) to the official code. Keep this in mind. Only females can get money, so send a number to your mother or any other woman in the family. This is the format to follow:

Enter a new SMS.
Type CNIC (Identity Card Number).
Remember, don’t use dashes like (—-).
Send CNIC to 786 Code.

Within a few days, you will receive a verification SMS and be guided through SMS. From there, you can collect your monthly 2000 Rupees via PM Scheme.

2000 Rupees Government Scheme Code 786

Use this code 786. You can get all the details about the 2000 scheme code program in detail. Also, learn how to apply for the 2000 rupees program through the SMS 786 code.

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