Philosopher Nostradamus made disturbing prophecies for 2024

Nostradamus disturbing 2024 prophecies

French philosopher Nostradamus – who accurately predicted the rise of Adolf Hitler, the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, and the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 made some disturbing predictions for 2024 in the book “Prophecies of Nostradamus”.

Analysts and experts are now analyzing his writings to understand the implications of his predictions for 2024, which include:

Nostradamus stated that the “king of the islands” would be ‘forced out’ after a contentious divorce and would be replaced by someone not belonging to the royal family. Although not explicitly mentioned, speculation points out that the prophecy points to King Charles.

He also predicted a devastating tsunami and a “great flood” that would destroy parts of the world and cause devastating famine. Nostradamus warned that the earth would become more barren and tsunamis could affect farming.

Analysts believe he also predicted an escalating conflict with China in Asia with NATO countries, which could potentially cause a violent military conflict. Nostradamus has sarcastically stated that the red opponent will turn yellow with fear, adding that the great sea would be filled with fear.

In another prophecy, he predicted the appointment of a new pope. Nostradamus wrote that ‘by the death of the pontiff a Roman of good age would be chosen.’

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