PFL delegation meets Rana Sanaullah; IPC Minister extends full support to Pakistan Football League

In a significant development for Pakistani football, a delegation from Pakistan Football League (PFL), led by renowned football figure Michael Owen and Farhan Ahmed Junejo, met with Adviser to the Prime Minister on Political and Public Affairs and Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Rana Sanaullah, to discuss the development of football in Pakistan

The delegation was warmly received by IPC Rana Sanaullah, who assured full cooperation from the government to advance the PFL initiative in Pakistan.

IPC Minister Rana Sanaullah expressed his enthusiastic support for the PFL, stating, “You have brought a delegation of 27 people to us, including prominent football personalities from 8 countries. We welcome them to Pakistan. Despite the challenges, your efforts to develop football and nurture young talent in Pakistan will receive full support from the government. This initiative has the potential to be a significant milestone for the sport and the youth of Pakistan.”

Highlighting the government’s commitment, Rana Sanaullah conveyed, “The Prime Minister, currently on an official visit to China, has mandated to ensure that the government stands firmly with you in this endeavor. The visit of the PFL delegation marks a significant milestone for the promotion of football in Pakistan. We are dedicated to collaborating with PFL and all relevant stakeholders to build a robust football ecosystem in the country.”

Michael Owen, head of the PFL delegation, outlined the project’s goals, which include developing infrastructure, attracting investment, nurturing young talent, and raising Pakistan’s overall footballing standard.

This meeting marks a significant milestone for the PFL and signifies a strong partnership between the league and the government in promoting football across Pakistan.

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