Peoples Bus Service to launch in Hyderabad on November 19

On Friday, the Sindh government made an official announcement of starting the Peoples Bus Service (PBS) in Hyderabad on November 19. Sindh Minister for Information, Transport and Mass Transit Sharjeel Inam Memon shared the news from his official Twitter account.

In the first phase, the PBS will travel 15 kilometres. The route will cover from Hyder Chowk to Gul Centre, Thandi Sadak, Agriculture Complex, Wahdat Colony, Sindh Museum, Qasim Chowk, Jail Road, Isra Hospital, and terminate at Hattri Police Station.

Inam has also said that an electric bus service would be launched in Karachi. Initial reports suggest that buses will cover 240 kilometres distance in a single 20-minute charge.

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