Meta to release parental supervision feature for Instagram

Meta Inc. has decided to release the parental supervision feature for Instagram. The company will also roll out parental control options for Quest virtual reality headsets.

In the first phase, the option will be available in the United States and later for other users globally. With the help of the new option, parents can limit the usage time for children and monitor their activities. Meta decided to frame parental control options after their documents got leaked. The documents stated the company knew that Instagram affected young girls negatively.

As a result, the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, had to testify in front of Congress and face criticism for neglecting online safety for children. The supervision option for Quest headsets will be launched in May, blocking teenagers to use apps deemed inappropriate for their age.

The tech giant further added that soon a central place would be established for parents to oversee children’s activities on all platforms of Meta.

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