Pakistan’s Male Champions of Change devise a transformational plan for gender equality & inclusion

Male Champions of Change (MCC) Pakistan’s members convened for their quarterly meeting in Karachi, hosted by Syngenta Pakistan, where they collectively shared actionable best practices on the ongoing themes for gender equality including “Power” and “Gender Equality Targets”, in addition to making new commitments for empowering women in their organizations and communities.

The private sector leaders gathering for the meeting also collaborated around the theme of “Building Buy-In for Gender Equality”, identifying ways of internalizing the “Champions of Change Coalitions” Strategy within their organizations while sharing the best practices and actionable interventions all members have undertaken, for cross-pollination and knowledge sharing.

During the meeting, Syngenta Pakistan showcased its commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) by sharing details about initiatives such as the “Women in Sales”: a first-in-the-industry program which is designed to shift mindsets and open opportunities for women in areas which have previously been male-dominated. These female employees are operating in the field and are working in farmer-facing roles.

Speaking on the occasion, Zeeshan Hasib Baig (Country GM, Syngenta Pakistan) stated “At Syngenta Pakistan, we understand the importance of taking bold actions to disrupt the status quo and achieve greater representation of women in workforce & leadership roles as gender equality is one of the key levers for ensuring a healthy society and a successful organization. MCC offers a unique platform in this regard where committed industry leaders from various sectors come together for a shared vision of a diverse and an inclusive workplace environment.”

The Convenor of Male Champions of Change Pakistan, Fiza Farhan further added; “It gives me great pleasure to see the actionable momentum at MCC Pakistan, led by our members with their collective commitment and action towards gender equality. With every meeting, knowledge and best practices to accelerate action on empowering women is shared, enabling all members to accelerate the bold and disruptive action they are undertaking within their organizations and communities. The needle is finally moving!”

The Male Champions of Change Coalition share a commitment to creating a fair, diverse, and inclusive world, shaped by empowered and capable women in every industry with a strategic focus on elevating women in leadership and executive roles. Members meet quarterly to set objectives and share their learnings. This bold initiative signifies a pivotal step towards fostering a culture of equality and empowerment within Pakistan’s corporate landscape, setting a precedent for meaningful progress in gender equality and inclusivity.

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