Pakistan laughs off the Abhinandan-Vir Chakra episode


ISLAMABAD: In a statement released by the Pakistan Foreign Office here on Tuesday, the Indian act of conferring the India Air Force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan Varthaman with Vir Chakra – the country’s third-highest gallantry award – has been dubbed as ‘classic case of Indian fabrication and pure fantasy’.

According to the foreign office, the move was made to play to the gallery in hopes of appeasing the locals and to conceal the country’s embarrassment. Pakistan also officially rejected, once again, the Indian claim of shooting down an F-16 during the early 2019 dogfight between the two countries.

The statement pointed out as to how the neutral observers like United States also confirmed after an investigation that the Indian claims of shooting down a Pakistani F-16 were false.

“India’s insistence on propagating a lie that has been thoroughly exposed is ludicrous and nonsensical. Granting military honours for imaginary feats of gallantry is contrary to every norm of military conduct,” the statement read.

The foreign office stated that India had only made a mockery of itself by pulling off such an act as an afterthought.

The statement also warned the Indian forces that any attempt of misadventure will be replied in a befitting manner.

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