Pakistan stopped from fencing borders, Afghan officials

Durand Line

KABUL: Pakistani military troops were prevented from erecting the security fences along the Durand line border by the Taliban as per the Afghan officials. Most of the part of the 2600-km-long border has already been fenced by Pakistan.

Reuters reported that according to the spokesperson for Afghan defence ministry Enayatullah Khwarazmi, Pakistani military troops were prevented from erecting the ‘illegal’ border fence on Sunday, adding that things were now normal between the Taliban and Pakistan army.

The fencing has long remained the bone of contention between the two states, with Afghans maintaining that they did not recognise the demarcation of the boundaries by the British Raj. According to them, the demarcation has separated families and tribes from each other.

Pakistan, on the other hand, realises the need for a secure border which is why it has completed more than 90 per cent of the fencing along the Durand line.

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