Pakistan could gain US confidence by implementing IMF reforms, Elizabeth Horst

Pakistan could gain US confidence, Elizabeth Horst

The US Deputy Secretary of State Responsible for Pakistan, Elizabeth Horst, in her address to a seminar at a side event of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly urged Pakistan to continue the implementation of reforms suggested by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to stabilise the ailing economy of country.

The day-long seminar, titled Exploring the Pillars of Democracy: US-Pakistan Relations, was attended by Ms. Horst, Ambassador Robin Raphel (former State Department official), and other notable scholars.

The US Deputy Secretary acknowledged that the economy was a big concern for all interested stakeholders. She added that the US still believe in the potential of Pakistan. While talking about economic challenges, Elizabeth said that the IMF has prescribed Pakistan to address common-sense issues with energy sector reforms, investing in energy infrastructure and widening the tax space. She further added that only by implementing these reforms Pakistan could win over the confidence of US & investors.

She expressed that Pakistan has an extraordinary human talent which can revive the national economy and contribute to the global economy, but the intellect could not be tapped without a suitable business climate. The Deputy Secretary added that US & Pakistan are holding dialogues on the economy, defence, and security.

Regarding general elections, she pointed out that Pakistan can overcome their current situation by holding elections and allowing people to have a voice in choosing their representatives. Elizabeth Horst stated that the United States supports credible elections & free of violence elections in Pakistan that entitle people to decide their leaders.

Ms. Horst believes that it’s critical that political parties are responsive to public and the people get to make the decisions. She reiterated that the US will continue to support democracy of Pakistan, which includes credible elections that follow the country’s laws and the constitution.

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