How to subscribe mobile internet WhatsApp packages

mobile internet whatsapp package

We have all had our share of troubles with internet connectivity. Sometimes, if the internet is fine, we are just out on the roads, without Wi-Fi at our disposal. It is only then that we realise the true importance of mobile internet packages. Because life, without constantly being bombarded without WhatsApp messages feels just incomplete.

What to do to subscribe to mobile WhatsApp package?

Unfortunately, many struggle to subscribe to the many WhatsApp packages available by different networking services provider. Not because they are not available, but because people don’t feel the need to subscribe to mobile internet WhatsApp packages, thanks to speedy Wi-Fi connections.

Anyway, in case you have run out of luck, don’t worry. As we are here to help you learn as to how to subscribe to the mobile internet WhatsApp packages by different service providers.

Zong WhatsApp Package

Zong offers a superb package to its users who live, walk, talk, sleep, and breathe WhatsApp. You can dial *247# and subscribe to Zong’s WhatsApp offer. You can get 5GB of WhatsApp against Rs.59 for 30 Days!

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Telenor WhatsApp Package

The users of Telenor can enjoy WhatsApp even when they have no Wi-Fi for only Rs.5! Telenor gives you 1500MBs of WhatsApp for 30 days against Rs.5! If that is not incredible, we don’t know what is. You can subscribe to Telenor’s WhatsApp package by simply dialing *247#.

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Ufone WhatsApp Package

The users of Ufone are in for a treat! Ufone is the only mobile service network that does not charge its users anything for WhatsApp and offers them 2GB of WhatsApp for a full month! How bloody awesome is that! The users can make the most of the offer by simply dialing *987# from their phones.

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Jazz WhatsApp Package

Jazz does not offer an exclusive WhatsApp package, but it does offer a WhatsApp bundle that comes with 5GB of Internet Data that allows you to use WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO. You also get an additional 12,000 free SMS to all networks. The package can be subscribed for Rs.110 (incl. of taxes) allowing you to enjoy the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle for 30 Days! Just dial *661# to subscribe to the package.

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Now that you are aware of all the WhatsApp packages available, we hope that your chat sessions with your friends and family won’t be ending anytime soon. If you want to learn more about other internet packages, please feel free to tell us in the comments section. Until next time, Ciao.

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