EXCLUSIVE: Ministry of Commerce is now on TikTok


KARACHI: Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce has reportedly joined TikTok – an application that has had its fair share of controversies resulting in subsequent bans and unbans in the country – here on Wednesday.

The Upcut has learnt from reliable sources that the ministry and the platform will make a formal announcement shortly. Ministry of Commerce has become the second notable public account from the Pakistani government after the President of the country Dr Arif Alvi joined TikTok in July this year.

The Upcut has also learnt that more ministries will soon follow the ministry of commerce and register their accounts on the platform.

President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi shares videos from his official TikTok account, aimed at motivating the youth.

It is pertinent to mention here that ministries of other countries also use TikTok to share the latest updates with the users since the app has a global outreach of one billion active users.

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