May 9 planners and perpetrators to face punishment for national good

In a decisive statement issued on Thursday, Pakistan’s military leadership emphasised the urgent need to bring those responsible for the May 9 riots to justice. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) highlighted that during the 83rd Formation Commanders Conference, presided over by Chief of the Army Staff General Asim Munir, the top brass underscored that the stability of the country hinges on the swift and transparent dispensation of justice to the perpetrators, abettors, and facilitators of the riots.

The conference took a firm stance against what it termed as “politically motivated and vested digital terrorism” aimed at state institutions, particularly the armed forces. The ISPR statement noted that such acts are designed to create discord and induce despondency among the Pakistani populace. It also highlighted that these conspiracies are supported by foreign entities spreading lies, fake news, and propaganda.

Despite these challenges, the military leadership expressed confidence in the nation’s awareness of these malicious intentions and assured that these nefarious designs would be thoroughly defeated. The forum also addressed the broader geo-strategic environment and national security challenges, expressing serious concerns over continued cross-border violations from Afghanistan and terrorist activities originating from Afghan soil targeting Pakistan’s security forces and civilian population.

The commanders acknowledged the sacrifices made by the people of the newly merged districts (NMDs) in the fight against terrorism and emphasised the importance of socio-economic development in these regions to decisively counter terrorist threats. Additionally, the conference stressed the need for socio-economic progress in Balochistan to counteract foreign-sponsored narratives of exclusion that are exploited to mislead the youth.

Regarding the border situation with India, the military leaders reiterated their solidarity with the Kashmiri people in their struggle for self-determination, as outlined in United Nations Security Council resolutions. The forum also voiced concern over the treatment of minorities, particularly Muslims, in India, and condemned the rising tide of fascism aimed at achieving political objectives.

Solidarity was also expressed with the Palestinian people, condemning human rights violations and war crimes in Gaza, and supporting the International Court of Justice’s call to halt military operations in the region.

The conference participants resolved to fully back the government’s initiatives for sustainable economic growth and efforts to curb illegal activities. The high standards of training and operational readiness displayed by various army units and formations were commended by General Munir, who praised their morale and round-the-clock preparedness.

The forum also expressed satisfaction with the measures being taken for the training, administration, and welfare of serving and retired military personnel. Reflecting on the significance of Youm-e-Takbir, the participants noted its stabilising impact on the region.

In closing, prayers were offered for the martyrs from both the security forces and the civilian population, underscoring the deep sense of respect and remembrance for their sacrifices in service to the nation.

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