Severe loadshedding hits Pakistan; shortfall surges to 9,000 MW

On Thursday, the entire country faced horrific loadshedding along with the heatwave and high temperature. Electricity supply remained disrupted for 6-10 hours in urban parts while the rural areas experienced 8-16 hours of loadshedding.

According to sources, the shortfall has swelled to 9,000 megawatts as the country demands an electric supply of 24,000 MW and only 15,000 MW is being supplied across Pakistan. Major electricity suppliers faced issues regarding the management of the demand and supply ratio.

Lahore Electric Supply Company fell around 7,000 MW short to complete the power requirement. Karachi Electric said that citizens would have to face a 2-hour power cut so that load could be managed during Eid. Similarly, because of the power shortfall, Quetta Electric Supply Company reported a 12-14 hours loadshedding.

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