Kamyab Jawan sports drive launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan

Kamyab Jawan

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, the Kamyab Jawan Sports programme was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan in a ceremony held here at the Jinnah Stadium. The programme includes sports projects worth Rs4 billion for youth.

The prime minister said that the project aims to prepare the youngsters for the international arena and enhance their skills in multiple sports. He further added that the government had established a new policy for sports to encounter the system that mafias were running, and grounds and play areas would be built across the country.

The first phase of Kamyab Jawan Sports Drive includes athletics, boxing, judo, ski, volleyball, squash, weightlifting, wrestling, handball, football, cricket and hockey.

Children in the age bracket of 11 to 25 will participate in competitions held under the programme, of which 10 million athletes will receive professional training at world-class facilities.

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