Judgment reserved in Noor Mukadam murder case; verdict to be announced on Feb 24

ISLAMABAD: The judgment has been reserved in the Noor Mukadam murder case by the Islamabad sessions court headed by Judge Ata Rabbani on Tuesday. The final verdict will be announced on February 24.

According to the First Information Report (FIR) of the incident, Zahir Jaffer was arrested for allegedly killing Noor on July 20, 2021, in Sector F-7/4. The case was filed under premeditated murder (Section 302) upon the complaint of Shaukat Ali Mukadam, Noor’s father.

Shaukat Ali had stated that he was in Rawalpindi with his wife on July 19, and upon arriving back home they found their daughter was missing with her phone switched off. After a while, they received a call from Noor telling them that she was on a trip to Lahore with friends and would return home in two days time.

Later Zahir called them to inform that he was not with Noor.

On July 20 at 10pm, they received a phone call from the police who informed them of Noor’s murder. The FIR states that Noor was murdered with a sharp object, and the killer beheaded her. Earlier, the police had informed that Zahir had confessed to murdering her.

The DNA test results and fingerprints report also supported Zahir’s directly involvement in the case. Zahir’s parents and six therapy workers were also indicted for trying to hide evidence and abetting the murder.

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