Legal victory for Johnny Depp; Amber Heard found guilty of defamation

On Thursday, the much-awaited verdict in the Johnny-Amber defamation case was unveiled. According to the ruling by the jury, both Johnny and Amber Heard were declared guilty of defamation. But, Johnny was awarded more damages hence giving him the legal victory.

The famous actor sued his ex-wife, Amber for defamation, for her op-ed in Washington Post in 2018. Whereas Amber made a lawsuit against Johnny over statements by his attorney regarding claims of abuse. The final verdict of the jury stated that Amber had defamed Johnny through three statements while Johnny had defamed Amber in one statement (the one by his attorney).

Johnny will receive $15 million in punitive and compensation charges, while Amber will receive $2 million as compensatory damages.

Johnny said that the jury had returned him his life. He added that the case aimed to bring out the truth. On the other hand, Amber said that the verdict was disappointing. Her spokesperson said that Amber may file an appeal against the judgement.

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