How to Subscribe to Jazz Weekly All Network Package

Jazz Weekly All Network

Jazz call packages for the week are readily available, meaning you’ll have the chance to enjoy longer days in the week while getting the most value from lengthy calls with friends and relatives. The week-by-week packages also help students who require lengthy discussions about their work and projects. Additionally, Jazz’s weekly budget decision packages come with additional minutes, and you’ll be able to talk for hours concerning your low balance.

The jazz call bundles for the week are incredibly affordable for those who don’t want to be in the company of their beloved ones. Jazz Weekly call packages detail can be found here:

Jazz Weekly All Network


3 GB DATA, 1000 Jazz Minutes, 60 Other Network Minutes, 1000 SMS.

Subscription Fee:

Rs.191 (Incl. Tax).

Subscription Fee:

(Gwadar/Turbat) Rs.286.5 (Incl. Tax).

Subscription Code:




Status Code:


Info Code:




Product Specific 

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