How to get a Jazz Internet Packages Monthly Offers 2022

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly

Jazz Monthly internet packages are intended for those who don’t wish to be triggered by regular packages. Jazz Monthly internet packages offer special deals for one month and allow you to regularly be with your loved ones and family without reactivation issues. Customers can now take advantage of monthly Jazz packages at affordable costs and with simple access. Below is a list of monthly warid packages available for 2022.

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly 2022

Here’s the complete detail know about jazz internet packages following the blow:





4 GB DATA – 10000 Jazz Minutes (333 Daily on Weekdays) + Unlimited On-net on Sundays, 100 Other Network Mins, 2500 SMS.

Rs.575 (Incl. Tax)


7 GB DATA (Facebook, Whatsapp, IMO & BiP), 12000 SMS.

Rs.129 (Incl. Tax)


25 GB Data, 10000 Jazz Mins, 500 Other Network Mins, 10000 SMS.

Rs.1, 040 (Incl. Tax).


2 GB Data (For 30 Days).

Rs.110 (Incl. Tax).


25 GB DATA, 300 All Network Minutes.

Rs.695 (Incl. Tax).

Mega Plus

12 GB DATA, (6 GB 2 AM – 2 PM).

Rs.399 (Incl. Tax).


24 GB DATA – (12 GB 2 AM – 2 PM).

Rs.608 (Incl. Tax).

Super Duper

8 GB DATA, 3000 Jazz Mins, 165 Other Network Mins, 3000 SMS.

Rs.655 (Incl. Tax).

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Must Read the Conditions Before Subscribe the Jazz Internet Packages 2022

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