Twelve suspects indicted in Noor Mukadam murder case

Noor Mukadam case

ISLAMABAD: Twelve suspects were indicted in the Noor Mukadam murder case here on Thursday. As announced by Judge Ata Rabbani, all the suspects have pleaded not guilty. Lawyer Rizwan Abbasi who was representing Zahir Jaffer’s father said that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict his client.

Lawyer Asad Jamal highlighted that a complete record was missing from the challan and therefore the charge could not be filed.

During the hearing, Zahir admitted to having a fight with Noor. He claimed that they both were in a relationship and kept on referring to Noor as ‘his girl’.

“Sacrifice was also a ritual in Islam, and Noor wanted to sacrifice her life and presented herself for the sacrifice,” Zahir stated.

He asked the judge to either hang him or forgive him as he was unable to survive in jail.

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