PM Imran wants a debate with Narendra Modi

ISLAMABAD: During an interview with the state-run channel of Russia, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that he wished to have a debate with his Indian counterpart – Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr Khan said that dialogue was the best way forward to resolve differences. He added that it would benefit billions of citizens on both sides. It is pertinent to mention that Modi has neither addressed a press conference since he came into power nor did an open debate session on television.

Mr Khan also commented on the Indian government’s performance and said that they should focus on wiping out poverty from India. He pointed out his efforts to create a dialogue on the Kashmir issue with India, however, lamented that India didn’t respond the same way.

Mr Khan said that racist and mad ideologies have taken over India, and it’s not the state envisioned by Nehru and Gandhi.

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