Imran Khan contacts Supreme Court as PTI on verge of facing ban from government

PTI chairman Imran Khan contacts Supreme Court

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf and former prime minister Imran Khan have contacted the Supreme Court to save his party from dissolution as PTI find it hard to survive amid the events of May 9. Imran Khan submitted a request to the apex court stating that alleged attempts to dissolve the PTI should be stopped.

Imran Khan seems to be under pressure as several members of his party have left the membership, and few have distanced themselves from active politics as well. Khan said that various PTI leaders are being pressurised to hold press conferences and announce resignations from the party’s membership.

The petition filed by Hamid Khan Advocate also requested that under Article 245, summoning the army should be annulled. It added that the cases against individuals involved in attacking Jinnah House should not be prosecuted in military courts.

The petition further added that forcing political party leaders to secede is a violation of the Constitution and the law. Imran also asked the court to order the release of the arrested leaders.

Chairman PTI has claimed that the Corps Commander House Lahore is actually Jinnah House and is legally a civilian building. Hence, it would be against the law to conduct a trial of those accused of the attack in military courts.

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