IMF urges Pakistan to find more ways to stabilise economy


LAHORE: International Monetary Funds Resident Representative Ms Esther Perez Ruiz said that Pakistan had to find more ways to stabilise the economy and not rely alone on tax collection.

On Tuesday, the IMF representative had a meeting with the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (LCCI) office-bearers. She said that the IMF programme aimed to cultivate macroeconomic stability and inclusive growth, which should be reflected in the country’s monetary & fiscal policies.

She explained that the sales tax exemptions were removed to narrow the taxation system complexities. Ms Ruiz expressed the need for durable growth from Pakistan through implementing macroeconomic policies.

President LCCI Mian Nauman Kabir also commented on the occasion. He said that LCCI had been very sensitive about the 22nd IMF programme and its impact on Pakistan’s economy. He added that the 22nd programme would be as successful as the last programme.

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