ICAP hosts CFO Conference 2024 at Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) organized CFO Conference 2024 on theme “Curating Responsible Growth: Innovate, Illuminate, and Integrate,” at a local hotel.

Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives, in his address, emphasized the critical role of responsible growth in shaping sustainable economic development. He highlighted the need for innovative strategies, illuminating insights, and integrated approaches to drive progress while ensuring accountability, transparency, and inclusivity in the development agenda. He underscored that peace, political stability, and continuous reforms are indispensable cornerstones for Pakistan’s success, with CFOs poised to play a vital role in driving this transformative agenda forward.

In his compelling address, Mr. Farrukh Rehman, President ICAP, underscored the imperative of curating growth with a conscientious approach. He emphasized that sustainable, ethical expansion, aligned with the organization’s long-term vision, is paramount for enduring success. He highlighted the need for innovation in financial management, urging CFOs to explore new technologies, strategies, and business models to drive growth while maintaining financial integrity and social responsibility.

In his presentation on “CA Pakistan and its Contribution,” Muhammad Maqbool, Council Member ICAP, eloquently delineated the profound impact of chartered accountants on the socio-economic landscape. He emphasized how their expertise and ethical stewardship have not only facilitated business growth but also fostered financial stability and integrity within the nation. Furthermore, Maqbool accentuated the pivotal role of CA Pakistan in shaping a prosperous future, inspiring the next generation of financial leaders to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

The highly anticipated panel discussion on the intriguing topic of “From Vision to Value: CFOs to Drive the Growth” featured esteemed guests who shared invaluable insights, strategic perspectives, and actionable strategies to navigate the evolving financial landscape and drive organizational growth. The guests included Mr.  Aneel Peter, Chairman NRC ICAP, Mr. Amin Rajput, Deputy Managing Director SSGC, Ms. Amna Zaidi, Transformation Specialist and Mr. Ali Imran Chaudhry, CEO, Engro Enfrashare.

The engaging dialogue on “Illuminating Investments” saw esteemed panelists delve into innovative strategies, insightful analyses, and visionary approaches to maximize returns, mitigate risks, and foster sustainable growth in an ever-evolving investment landscape. The esteemed guests were Mr, Azfar Ahsan, Founder & Chairman, Nutshell Group and Mr. Zeeshan Ijaz, Vice President ICAP. In his address, Mr. Samiullah Siddiqui, Council Member ICAP, shared the conference objectives, vision, and ICAP’s substantial contributions to the finance and economic sector of Pakistan. He highlighted the significance of the conference and its direct relevance to professionals in the business and finance fields.

The eagerly awaited panel discussion on the compelling theme of ‘Unveiling Economic Landscapes’ highlighted trends, challenges, and strategies for navigating diverse economic landscapes, offering valuable insights into maximizing opportunities and mitigating risks in various economic contexts. It brings together a distinguished panel of experts who share invaluable insights and perspectives. Among them are Mr. Ashfaq Yousuf Tola, Former Minister of State and Former President ICAP, Dr. Amjad Waheed, CEO NBP FUNDS, Dr. Vaqar Ahmed, Joined Executive Director SDPI Pakistan and Muhammad Awais, Council Member ICAP.

Irfan Siddiqui, President & CEO, Meezan Bank Ltd, delivered a keynote presentation on ‘Seizing Opportunities, Harnessing Potentials, and Confronting Challenges: Path to Growth.’ He navigated the audience through a comprehensive exploration of strategies for capitalizing on opportunities, unlocking potentials, and effectively confronting challenges in the journey towards growth. Mr. Siddiqui emphasized the importance of agility, innovation, and resilience in today’s dynamic business landscape. The next segment featured a dialogue on “Curating Competitive Models for Dynamic Markets” between Ms. Jahanara Sajjad Ahmad, Group Governance & Financial Advisor and Mr. Salman Amin, Member, Competition commission of Pakistan GOP. They delved into an in-depth exploration of strategies for crafting competitive models tailored to dynamic market environments. They discussed innovative approaches, market trends, and regulatory frameworks shaping competitive dynamics.

Mr. Saquib Ahmed, Head SAP Pakistan, Iran Afghanistan & Bahrain on his presentation on “Technology for All”. He discussed the transformative potential of technology in fostering inclusive growth and sustainable development. Mr. Ahmed highlighted the role of technological innovations in overcoming barriers to access and promoting digital inclusion across diverse sectors and demographics. The panel discussion on “Surfing the Wave of Digitization: Assessing Our Readiness” shed light on the transformative impact of digitization across industries and sectors. The panel included Mr. Anas Farook, CFO OGDCL, Mr. Badar Khushnood, Co-Founder Bramerz, Mr. Ayub Ghauri, Executive Director Netsol Technologies and Mr. Sajjad Syed, Chairman Excellence Delivered. They discussed the opportunities and challenges posed by rapid digitization, emphasizing the need for organizations to adapt and innovate in the digital age.

The panel discussion on “Thriving Responsibly Beyond Green Horizon” highlighted the imperative for businesses to embrace sustainability as a core driver of growth and innovation. The guests included Mr. Adnan Younus Lodhi, Policy Advisor GRASP Project UN-ITC Geneva, Ms. Humera Qasim Khan, Climate transformational and Environmental specialist, Mr. Adnan Shafqat, COO Beyond Carbon and Mr. Bilal Anwar, CEO NDRMF.

The well attended conference provided a platform to leading industry experts and business professionals to discuss, debate and seek pragmatic solutions of emerging business and finance issues.

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