How taking a five-minute break from work can improve productivity

How taking a five-minute break can improve productivity

A study found that giving the brain a five-minute break between tasks can increase efficiency and productivity by more than 50 per cent.

In an experiment conducted at the University of Sydney in Australia, 72 students read a lesson to themselves and took two mentally exhausting tests.

Students who were allowed to take a five-minute break between tests scored an average of 57 points higher on the second test than students who did not take a break.

Some students who took a break did nothing during the break, while others were shown a quiet video of a natural scene, but both groups outperformed their peers who didn’t get a break on a second test.

How to relax your mind by taking a five minutes break

A five minutes break may seem very short, but it can be utilised for effective performance at work. In these five minutes, anyone can relax their minds by:

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