Horrific incident in Nazimabad: Dead bodies of infants found in hospital’s wastebasket

Dead bodies of infants found in hospital's wastebasket

Karachi: A shocking incident occurred in a private hospital in Karachi where two dead bodies of infants were found in the hospital’s washroom. 

According to details, the hospital staff personnel found the bodies inside a wastebasket of the restroom. The hospital, situated in Nazimabad, unveiled that two women entered the premise and one of them underwent an ultrasound. The receipt of the lab results confirmed twins. Upon receiving the result, both women went to the bathroom of the hospital where they spent several hours. Both women fled from the scene in a hurry.

Hyderi police station has registered the case against the women. The CCTV footage showed women using a rickshaw to run away.

Saddar Incident

A similar case came across in Saddar where three dead bodies of infants were found in garbage. Police have launched an investigation to arrest the woman.

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