Honda Pridor price in Pakistan 2023 Features and Specification

In this article, I have detailed much lover biker people shared information regarding Honda Pridor. It is recommended to read the entire article to understand this bike’s specifics. And if I have not described something, I apologize to you.

Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan, 2023

When we consider buying that Honda Pridor 2023 model, our minds first consider this issue: what is the price? Since we are considering this model, we must be aware of the correct Honda Pridor 2023 price. If we do not know the correct Honda Pridor 2023 bike price, the shop owner may demand the amount price we paid for it over the original price. In our country, prices for things constantly change because of the fluctuation in the price of dollars. Every year, the cost of this vehicle is altered because the dollar value in this country fluctuates. In our country, this bike is generally more expensive each year than the previous year. The new Honda Pridor 70cc will be priced in Pakistan soon.

Honda CD 70 Price 2023 PKR 116,500/=.

Note: Honda 70 Price in Pakistan with Registration is about 120,000PKR, which is an approximate price. Additionally, Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 installment is contingent on the brand that offers.

Based on the forecaster from the automotive industry reviewer, this event is scheduled to take place with the most recent Honda CD 70 2023. Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 was revealed in the last few days. The bike was designed to accommodate the Japanese auto manufacturer. As a pioneer of the new model, it will receive enthusiastic welcomes from Honda enthusiasts worldwide. It’s well-known that the next version will be available with more advanced technology for a superior display and to offer customers an incredible and practical drive. Because it can be rationalized based on improved features and enhanced performance, its Honda CD 70 cost in Pakistan will be relatively more expensive, and you can find Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 right here.


Bike Name



Atlas Honda.



Petrol Millage

Almost 45+ KM (PL).


Red & Black & Blue.

Petrol Capacity

9.7 Liters.

Dry Weight

96 KG.


4 Stroke.


1986 x 718 x 1050 mm.

Front Tire

2.75 – 18.

Back Tire

2.75 – 18.


Through Kick Start.

Bike Speed

Almost 100 KM/H


97 CC.

Model Year


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