Higher Education Commission issues alert for students and parents against foreign educational visas fraud

HEC issues alert for students and parents

Amid a rise in the brain drain situation in Pakistan, several fraud cases got reported where students who wanted to pursue foreign education were scammed. In light of recent events, the Higher Education Commission has issued an alert for students and parents against international educational visa fraud.

Sources from the Higher Education Commission reported that some gangs are involved in fraud in student visa processing. They added that fraudulent groups try to lure the students & parents through guaranteed admission, hoax promises of scholarships, and exorbitant fees.

HEC has asked the students and their parents to ensure and confirm the registration of the university they ought to apply with the relevant accrediting body. The commission has told to contact the concerned educational institutions & embassy for accurate information about the international institutes.

Students and their guardians are also asked to verify claims about the visa requirements, programmes they are applying for, and the scholarship process.

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