Ghani fled the country despite pledging to ‘fight till the end’, says Blinken


WASHINGTON: In an interview on the ‘CBS Face The Nation’, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed that the former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani vowed to continue the fight against the Taliban but left the country as soon as the Taliban took over.

He said that on Saturday [August 14, 2021], he tried to convince Ghani for a new plan for the government, led by the Taliban with Afghan society features. Adding that Ghani showed eagerness to struggle till the end, if the Taliban disagreed, to go with the plan, but left the country on August 15 as soon as the Taliban got hold of the state.

On the question regarding this being the longest war in America’s history, he said that the president had saved future generations from dying in Afghanistan by calling it of.

“I think when all of this settles, that’s profoundly what the American people want and is in our interest,” said Blinken. He added that the US government was taking all possible measures to fulfil its ongoing commitments.

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