Gaza truce delayed; Release of hostages on halt till Friday

Release of hostages not possible before Friday as Gaza truce delayed

GAZA: The four-day Gaza truce got delayed till Friday. National Security Adviser of Israel Tzachi Hanegbi stated that the release of at least 50 Israeli and foreign hostages would not happen on Thursday but was still on track. He added that the contacts on the release of hostages are advancing and continuing. Tzachi stated that the release would take place as per the original agreement.

Israel, Palestinian resistance groups, Qatar, Egypt and the United States were attempting for successful truce and the cause of delay remained unclear. However, Majed Al-Ansari Qatari foreign ministry spokesman, said that implementation of the accord is going positively.

The delay has also halted the temporary pause in fighting on Thursday. Hence, two million-plus Gazans still suffer from the deprivation and brutal Israeli attacks.

Israel and Hamas agreed on a four-day Gaza truce under which 50 hostages would be released by Hamas. Israeli government added that for every ten additional hostages released, there would be an extra day pause in fighting.

Israel would release at least 150 Palestinian women and children. Humanitarian aid would also get access to the besieged coastal territory after weeks of bombardment.

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