Gas crisis hits Karachi as soon as Ramadan starts

KARACHI: As if the miseries of the common man were not enough, the federal government has decided to further compound them by resuming the gas loadshedding in many parts of the city here. According to media reports, several citizens have expressed their frustration over the lack of availability of cooking gas.

“What do I tell my three-year-old who’s still waiting for his breakfast?” says Sidra Humayoun Khan. “The federal government should have bothered to inform the public a week prior to the loadshedding so we could have at least prepared ourselves, adds Sidra.

According to her, due to the gas shortage, she was forced to boil water in a microwave oven. She is not the only citizen who has expressed her frustration and anger over the gas shortage. There are many who echo the same sentiments.

“How can you expect the government to not do gas loadshedding during Sehri and Iftar timings?” says Hareem Mannan. “The government just wants to add more to our miseries, nothing else,” quips Hareem. Meanwhile, an alleged gas loadshedding schedule by Sui Southern Gas Company is doing the rounds on social media in which the availability hours of gas are mentioned.

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