From Local to Global: How Propelled Murshid Farm Industries to New Heights of Innovation and Success

From Local to Global: How Propelled Murshid Farm Industries to New Heights of Innovation and Success

Sajjid Minhas, a third-generation manufacturer of farm equipment, tractor equipment, and farm tools at Murshid Farm Industries, faced the challenge of expanding his family business beyond its conventional customer base. In 2007, Sajjid discovered, the world’s largest B2B e-commerce trading platform, and realized its potential as an opportunity to take his family business (Murshid Farm) to the next level. Through, Murshid Farm Industries was able to showcase its products to global audience, resulting in a significant increase in sales and revenue. This success story is a testament to the power of innovation and the role of technology in driving business growth.

“Murshid Farm Industries was able to break the barriers of traditional brick-and-mortar business models and tap into a new market of online buyers with the support of” said Sajjid Minhas. During first year on, the company generated $60,000 in revenue through sales, and their sales have impressively surged by 300 percent since then. This remarkable progress is a testament to Murshid Farm Industries’ shrewd business acumen and the tremendous potential of leveraging the platform to drive business growth.

By showcasing their products on the platform, Sajjid took advantage of the online training courses offered by to improve his business skills and knowledge. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from digital marketing to supply chain management, and are designed to help businesses optimize their operations and stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The success story of Murshid Farm Industries exemplifies how the will to innovate and prosper, combined with the right tools and resources, can help businesses achieve their full potential and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Sajjid Minhas’s decision to embrace the possibilities of e-commerce and partner with as an enabler has enabled the company to achieve its goal of providing high-quality farm equipment to customers worldwide.

As a trusted and reliable supplier of high-quality farm equipment and tools, Murshid Farm Industries has expanded its customer base beyond Pakistan and reached customers in different parts of the world, including Europe, Gulf nations, and Africa. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with the efficiency of, earned it a reputation as a global leader in the industry. has the potential to act as a platform for domestic manufacturers in Pakistan to expand their reach to a worldwide customer base, resulting in enhanced export revenue and economic growth. Pakistan as a major global player in the manufacturing industry can be unlocked with the help of e-commerce platforms such as, which can act as catalysts for this transformation and play a crucial role in the process.

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