Thousands of flood victims face diarrhoeal, skin, and respiratory diseases

KARACHI: Hundreds and thousands of flood victims are suffering from various diseases. The health department on Sunday shared the data for July-September which revealed that around 660,120 people were facing different illnesses. According to the data 149,551 people were suffering from skin infections while 142,739 were facing diarrhoeal ailments.

Health officials also reported 49,420 cases of malaria and 132,485 cases of respiratory illness. Around 101 flood-affected residents have suffered snake bites while 550 cases of dog bites are also reported. Over 185,000 cases were reported of other types of diseases.

Officials added that they were receiving over 14,000 diarrhoeal cases, more than 15,000 skin infection cases, and around 13,000 acute respiratory issue cases on a daily basis

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