Flood across Afghanistan; 10 people including women and children died

Flood across Afghanistan

Recent floods in Afghanistan have caused ten casualties and left several people injured. The spokesperson of the Natural Disaster Management Agency in Afghanistan, Shafiullah Rahimi, said that the flood affected about eight provinces of the country, including Badakhshan, Paktia, Kannada, Bamiyan, Ghor, Takhar, Nuristan and Parwan.

According to stats shared by Rahimi, the natural calamity caused financial loss, in which 30 residential houses, 85 animals and seven bridges were destroyed.

Afghan media reported that flash floods affected Ghor province, killing four women. The report added that a man and child died in Ferozkoh. Similarly, in the eastern province of Nangarhar, four people died and more than 25 got injured.

Floods & Natural Disasters in Afghanistan

In April 2023, around 29 people died in 31 provinces of the country due to floods and earthquakes in April 2023.

Official stats unveiled that natural calamities caused loss of life and property. In terms of numbers, 848 animals died, 155 houses got destroyed, 1,242 houses got partially destroyed, and 7,106 acres of agricultural land got destroyed.

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