Federal government starts working on proposals for economic recovery of Pakistan

The federal government has started working on the roadmap for the economic recovery of Pakistan, which includes introducing a mini-budget. According to the details, the government is preparing to put forward a 10-year plan for sustainable economic development.

Economical support will be sought from friendly countries like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The value of the dollar against the local currency will be determined by looking at the market under the conditions laid by IMF.

The government is also considering to meet the current account deficit through rationing petrol, electricity and gas. Other than that, a proposal to link the provincial funds to the losses in the gas and electricity sector.

To discourage imports of unnecessary items, a flood levy of 1 to 3 per cent will be applied. Regarding subsidies, the leadership decided to provide targeted subsidies only to the low-income sector. Common shopkeepers and traders will be brought into the net through fixed taxes.

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