Expat kills policeman in DHA Karachi

KARACHI: A video surfaced here online on Tuesday morning of a civilian shooting dead a policeman from point-blank range. According to the details, two policemen, who had been on the patrolling duty, had stopped the car owing to tinted windows.

Some heated words were exchanged before the two withdrew their weapons at each other. The suspect kept asking the victim as to which police station did he belong to and that he agreed to take his car there by himself. However, the policeman kept on insisting him to sit in the car and drive to the police station.

This soon led to an all-out confrontation with the suspect firing at point-blank range at the victim. The latter died on the spot and the suspect escaped. According to Karachi Police, the weapon and the car used in the crime have been seized, however, the suspect still remains at large.

The suspect is an expatriate Pakistan and resides in Sweden. He landed in Pakistan on November 5. The police have alerted all the airports to thwart any and all escape attempts by him.

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