Elections 2024: ECP announces public holiday on February 8

ISLAMABAD: Ahead of general election 2024, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced a public holiday on February 8. In its official notice, ECP has stated that the public holiday facilitates people to cast their votes. Expectedly, the educational institutes across the country would remain closed for eight days due to general elections.

Educational institutions may get eight holidays from February 4 to February 12. February 4 falls on Sunday while February 5 will be Kashmir Day. For voting and balloting purposes, institutes will remain closed from February 6 to 10, including the public holiday on February 8. February 11 will be on Sunday. Hence, educational institutes will re-open on February 12.

As just a few days remain for the election, all political parties and their candidates are indulged in door-to-door canvassing and holding corner meetings and door-to-door.

ECP has also initiated the printing of ballot papers featuring the names of electoral candidates and their respective symbols. The printing will be completed by February 3. Pakistan Army would oversee the secure delivery of the ballots to every district.

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