ECP cautions citizens to be aware of fake WhatsApp calls

Be aware of fake WhatsApp calls: ECP warns citizens

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has cautioned the citizens to be aware of fake WhatsApp calls ahead of the general elections 2024. According to ECP, several cases were reported where individuals impersonated to be representatives of the commission.

The official statement from the ECP stated that citizens should verify the authenticity of calls or messages claiming to be from senior ECP officers or other high-ranking officials. Citizens can directly contact the official of the ECP for verification process. The statement added that reports indicated a series of fake calls and messages impersonating the Chief Election Commissioner.

The election watchdogs have also advised the members of commission, including Returning Officers (ROs) and District Returning Officers (RTOs) to first verify whether the call came from the staff officer of Chief Election Commissioner. ECP has urged the election staff to strictly follow the given guidelines and conduct a complete verification before taking any immediate action on fake WhatsApp calls or messages.

Ban on Displaying Pictures of Government Officials

ECP has also directed election candidates to not display any picture of a government official on posters, banners and hand bills. 

Provincial election commissioners received a circular from ECP that prohibited printing of picture of a government officer on canvassing posters, banners and handbills. Any candidate found not following the direction given in circular would be violating clause 27 of the election code of conduct.

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