Earthquake hits Gansu, China: At least 116 killed and hundreds injured

At least 116 killed and hundreds injured in earthquake of Gansu

CHINA: On a late Monday night, the Jishishan county in Gansu Province got jolted by an earthquake of 5.9 magnitude. State media reported that at least 116 people lost their lives. It added rescue teams quickly initiated operations in tough temperatures. 

The earthquake also affected the neighbouring province of Qinghai. The capital city of Gansu, Lanzhou, felt the tremors for nearly 20 seconds.

Provincial authorities briefed that around 400 people were injured, and 16 of them remained in critical condition. Eleven deaths occurred in Qinghai. News reports briefed that over 1,600 firefighters were deployed to rescue survivors from rubble as village homes in Gansu & Qinghai collapsed. Rescue efforts faced severe problems due to the disconnection of electricity, mobile services, and water supply.

Note that the United States Geological Survey reported the earthquake measured 5.9 magnitude, but the China Earthquake Administration claimed it was of 6.2 magnitude.

The freezing temperature has caused issues in rescue work and for the survivors. Footages showed that locals took shelter in tents to keep themselves warm. Rescue teams sent drinking water, blankets, stoves and instant noodles to the affected area.

Rescue operations underway
Earthquakes In China

China has been a common territory for earthquakes. A 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck China in August in which 23 people got injured and dozens of buildings were collapsed.

Earlier in 2022, Sichuan province became the target of a 6.6 magnitude earthquake that resulted in 100 deaths.

One of the deadliest earthquakes in China in the last 15 years occurred in 2008. It measured at a magnitude of 7.9. More than 87,000 people died or went missing, including over 5,300 schoolchildren.

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