Differently-abled drivers get driving licences in Multan

MULTAN: The Multan traffic police have facilitated 20 differently-abled people with driving licences after the medical board finalised the recommendation list.

The licences were not issued to citizens with hearing or visual problems. Licence Branch In-charge Mirza Ghulam Ali said that licences were issued to drivers with physical challenges, except to those with hearing and visual issues.

He said that people with physical hurdles could apply with special identity cards who could then get a certification from the social welfare department. He added that the person had to go through the medical board from traffic police and routine tests to qualify for a licence. However, the person with a special ID card could drive only automatic or altered vehicles.

Meanwhile, Chairperson Special Persons Society Zahida Hameed requested that reforms be introduced for people with speaking and hearing challenges. She suggested that special signs could be posted on cars with differently-abled drivers so as to intimate the police officials.

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