Dawlance ‘RAGS TO BAGS’ Sustainability Initiative Promising Great Results

Dawlance ‘RAGS-TO-BAGS’ Sustainability Initiative

Karachi: Dawlance is Pakistan’s leading producer of innovative home appliances. In line with its vision for sustainability, it combines technological leadership with the preservation of nature. This resourceful enterprise has collaborated with the Hunar Foundation, for the “Rags2Bags” initiative, to produce Tote-bags, by using recycled Panaflex-skins acquired from billboards. These bags, made through RAGS TO BAGS, contribute in multiple ways: they Protect the environment, provide income for impoverished students of Hunar Foundation (HF) and supply durable bags for daily usage.

Promotional materials are usually printed on PVC sheets – a non-biodegradable material that causes long-term pollution. RAGS TO BAGS will prevent almost 400 to 500 square feet of PVC from being thrown away. Young women and HF students, hailing from low-income households, will be engaged to recycle the promotional plastic waste and convert it into reusable Tote-Bags. this initiative in its first year will continue to empower underprivileged women, besides reducing waste and pollution.

Hunar Foundation is a resourceful NGO and vocational-training institute with decades of experience training young students with valuable skills that can help them generate respectable income for themselves. This humanitarian organization is renowned for playing a positive role in the socioeconomic development and growth of the nation.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan stated that: “We are thankful to students of Hunar Foundation for helping us deliver our brand’s promise: “Progress Today, Preserve Tomorrow”. Dawlance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arcelik – the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe. Hence, we are pursuing Arcelik’s global vision for sustainability in every business operation.”

Hundreds of tote bags are being stitched during this exemplary initiative, as this collaborative effort by Dawlance and Hunar Foundation will also inspire other industries, to recycle their waste materials for promising a safer, healthier environment on Earth, by consuming and disposing-off their waste materials in a responsible manner.

The key objectives of this project are; to reduce waste generation through recycling and reuse of waste material to ensure the protection of the Earth’s environment, while creating useful bags for those who need it at low cost. Principles of circular economy are at the core of this project – from; the sourcing of materials, to the process of manufacturing and the consumption of the final product, which is innovatively designed for functionality with style.

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