CPEC playing key role in strengthening Pak-China cultural ties: PM Shehbaz

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif highlighted the burgeoning economic and cultural ties between Pakistan and China, attributing much of the growth to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Speaking on the occasion of the UN Chinese Language Day, observed annually on April 20, he underscored the increasing significance of the Chinese language in global communication.

In his message, PM Sharif noted the growing number of Pakistanis learning Mandarin, a trend that he believes is solidifying the bond between the peoples of Pakistan and China. He emphasised the importance of promoting Chinese language and literature at both official and public levels to further enhance people-to-people contacts between the two nations.

Reflecting on the rich cultural heritage of China, PM Sharif praised the Chinese language as an embodiment of centuries-old traditions and culture. He acknowledged China’s remarkable economic progress in recent decades and highlighted the global popularity of Chinese language and culture.

PM Sharif affirmed the Chinese language’s status as a leading tool of global communication, a sentiment echoed by its inclusion in the UN’s list of official communication languages.

As Pakistan and China continue to strengthen their economic and cultural ties through initiatives like CPEC, the role of the Chinese language is expected to further expand on the global stage.

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